Wigs can be a fun a versatile part of your wardrobe. They allow you to change your hairstyle drastically, without damaging your hair. You can change your hair color, length, and style easily. When you have a high-quality wig, people won't be able to tell the difference between the wig and your natural hair. Human hair wigs are the best choice since they look and feel just like your natural hair. Here are four tips to help you choose and care for your new human hair wig:

1. Choose a lace wig.

Wigs that feature lace look more natural than wigs that don't. When wigs feature lace, small bundles of hair are sewed into the lace. This closely mimics the way hair naturally grows from your scalp. Lace front wigs are a more affordable option. The lace front will make the wig's hairline look more natural. Full lace wigs are the most versatile wigs of all. You can part the wig any way you choose with a full lace wig, and the hair will still fall convincingly.

2. Trim and style your wig.

When you first purchase your wig, it will arrive unstyled. You will need to trim and style it yourself, according to your own desires. Some people like to pluck the part of their wig in order to widen it, which can make your wig look more realistic. You may also want to cut bangs into your wig for a face-framing effect. Human hairpieces can be styled using heat. If you own a flat iron or a curling iron, these tools can be used to create beautiful hairstyles.

3. Keep your wig clean.

Wigs don't get dirty as easily as your natural hair does since wigs don't produce natural oil. However, wigs can still become dirty over time; pollution from the air and oils from your fingers can start to make your wig look less fresh. You can wash your wig using the same products you use on your natural hair. Wash it in a sink filled with cool water, and gently squeeze the water out of the wig when you're done. Blot the wig dry, and leave it to dry completely on a towel or wig for.

4. Detangle your wig regularly.

Wigs need to be detangled on a regular basis since knots and tangles can ruin your investment. Always use a wig comb instead of an ordinary comb or brush. Wig combs are designed to protect your wig. These special combs are less likely to rip the hair out of your wig.